summer love. weddings. i love the variety. here's a glimpse of two i shot recently. from the riverwalk and fiesta in san antonio, texas to mountain lakes and boyscout camps in western montana.

san antonio, texas.

western montana.

more of my wedding work...


  1. I've heard how the "light" is different depending on where you are but never have really seen a comparison side-by-side. Each location has a unique "look" to it independent of composition and exposure. What a challenge it must be to see that aspect for photography.

    Safe travels.

  2. less a challenge and more a treat! always changing! thanks, mel.

  3. Wow Eileen , these are wonderful.

    I will have to keep you in mind if I ever get married.

    Best of Light !!!

  4. thanks, Mick! good to hear from you!


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