just posted this image recently but excited to say it made it into a contest for self-portraits curated by
aline smithson.   the contest was sponsored by the vermont photography workplace and can be viewed

this image was fully formed in my head before i could make it.  i was in a house in the outerbanks for several weeks and after many daydreams, failed attempts and misguided prioritizing, i made the image in my head.  feels good to get those ideas/obsessions out into physical space, whatever that means.

and what that means, i guess, is this image means alot to me.


  1. Congratulations Eileen , your words and work are an inspiration , one of these weekends I'm up in the adirondacks I will have to jump the little pond to see the workplace and exhibits .

    You go girl !!!

    Best of Light !!!

  2. Congratulations Eileen! Highly deserved.

  3. Way to go girl. And Aline Smithson likes it, awesome.

  4. YAHOO!!! Congratulations, strength in uncertainty.

  5. Way to go!!! You do make amazing photographs!


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