home, sweet home.

i love this time of year. the winter skies are dramatic. the sweet smell of decaying leaves fills the air. the trees morph into their beautiful skeletal forms. the garden has been turned over and will rest until spring. and in this part of the country, soft falling snow tops the towering rocky mountains. i find myself pulling inward, working on projects at home, planning slow-cooking hearty recipes, pulling out the warm fuzzy sweaters. spending more time with friends inside with a hot cup of tea or a big glass of wine. anxious to see how this season and these feelings move my personal work.

it is  a time of retreat, contemplation, and rest. and i'm thankful for that.


  1. beautiful work Eileen , Wishing you , your family and all your cohorts a wonderful holiday season.


  2. thanks for letting us tag along on all your journeys this year...

  3. Winter - God's message to humans to slow down and relax....

    Great comments, Eileen. Enjoy the season and holidays.

  4. thanks, all. enjoy your winters as well. you're welcome, chad! my pleasure!


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