daily haiku:

a blank sky beyond.
hotel room won't let me sleep.
does your heart soften?


  1. wow.
    I love the words just as much as the pictures. So wintry and much like it looks in Colorado right now. White, gray, and still.

  2. beautiful image. the lightness and the skeletal tree...
    and i love that you are working while working, making the most of these endless trips to new cities. but really just to the hotels of these cities. so much time on a plane, in a hotel room, a conference center. and yet you create such a light, open and free image.

  3. thanks, ladies. yes, hailey, the moments of stillness in the early morning are brief but i've been noticing how quiet it can be. and thanks, susanna...anything for the sanity, right? light, open and free...sounds so nice. freeman patterson said we photograph ahead of our time in our lives, so maybe i have those feelings in my future. i like that.


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