memories from richmond. oh, richmond! such good energy for me. just returned from spending a few days photographing my friend and former studiomate, tom for the upcoming spring issue of butterflies and anvils. thank you tom for your lovely home, studio and company! here's some images from sweet richmond and some sneakpeaks of tom's studio. good also to see old friends from ada gallery. (tom's work is hanging there currently)

                           view from tom's studio window.
                          tom hanging art in ada gallery.
  tom's studio. an old shipping warehouse. richmond is full of these cool finds.

tom's quaint backyard porch in richmond.


  1. I'm suspicious, that place looks great, but I know you have a great eye and know how to capture the best out of a place...great the building one...yum...can i live there too, is that really his studio...oh, I want it!

  2. it's a great place, period! but thanks, athena. i want his studio too. let's find one in missoula!

  3. looking forward to the next issue....


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