exciting news! i have been accepted into my first juried printmaking exhibition! i have been incorporating printmaking techniques in my photography and working process for about five years now. i find the long process and imperfections extremely satisfying. this piece is the first i have entered into a printmaking contest, so i'm super proud that it was selected. it's great validation and has stoked the fire to continue to work with these methods and materials.

Thanks to Print Zero Studios.

the traveling show will appear in seattle, chicago, miami, lafayette, louisiana and managua, nicaragua. below is the print. 

old memories. new dreams. (photo emulsion silkscreen, inkjet on watercolor paper) 


  1. so excited to see it in seattle!

  2. EXCELLENT!!! Yahoo! :-) Look forward to seeing the actual print!

  3. thanks all! so much appreciated....

  4. I'm so happy for you. The print is stunning.


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