Contemporary Trends in Photography 

My recent lecture at the B&H Event Space is now up for watching! As in instructor I love to teach topics of interest to me and I only hope that my curiosity and excitement translate through the presentation. This is one of those topics for me - the crossroads of Contemporary Trends in Photography with the History of Photography. Here, I discuss four major trends happening currently, and I trace their lineage to early beginnings in Photographic History. Enjoy! And thanks to B&H!

Contemporary Trends in Photography. 
by Eileen Rafferty


  1. I just watched it and loved it. My wish is that they will have you back to give a presentation on Post-modernism since you didn't have the time to do that.

  2. Hi Eileen, Loved the presentation on B&H and, like Luis, looking forward to a 2 hour lecture on just Post-Modernism in photography also. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge like this. Learned a lot and enjoyed it even more.


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