daily haiku:

arms outstretched. palms out.
almost smell, touch and taste it. 
feeling in the dark.


daily haiku:

another time. smiles.
stare back at me. these ghosts roam
these rooms and mock me. 


Yesterday I gave a few lectures at the B&H Event Space in NYC about the visual aspects of photography and fostering creativity. What a great experience, great crowd and great energy! Thanks to David Brommer for his hospitality and Joe Massa, Gabe and Jessica for laughs at lunch!


it's here... the autumn issue of  
butterflies and anvils. 

featuring artist joshua meier. so settle in with a hot bev, and soak in joshua's work and the articles about inspiration and art. please enjoy, and as always - thanks for all of your amazing support! this journal is for this great community of creatives like you!


and the pit in her stomach she ignores...


a semente poetica. 

shhhhhh. sneak peak - autumn issue of butterflies and anvils. like what you see? me too. due out middle of november. more beautiful images like this one to come...mr. joshua meier.


Looking Back...i've just written another post on B&H Insights. this one is about taking this time of year to look back at our images and let them speak to us.  thanks B&H!

for more articles like this one, keep your eyes peeled for the fall issue of butterflies and anvils due out in mid-november, i'll have a sneak peak of the featured artist here soon!


daily haiku:

bright sun. autumn air.
close my eyes and remember.
the warmth that i knew.


nightdreaming. under an aries full moon. 


thanks to brae - for the words.


daily haiku:

stepping stones. lead me.
blue building disguised in dust.
something waits inside.


daily haiku:

trying to peer through.
to the unforeseeable.
mist - lays down, heavy.


daily haiku:

mining. for center.
digging for resolution.
clearing - don't move yet.


can't sleep. crazy wind, bright moon.


and the daffodils look lovely today...


daily haiku. butterfly snow.

watch the butterflies, 
dance. together, then apart.
near and far. like us. 


butterflies and anvils summer issue is here! 


featuring artist lesley kerr, articles on creativity, dreams and love, daily haikus, fabulous summer images and so much more! and as always, thanks so much for supporting butterflies and anvils! preview the summer issue from the link above!


summer harvest. i used to live in richmond, virginia where we harvested tomatoes from july to october. but here in montana, gardening's a bit different - i'm learning. and today, i found these four red, beautiful plump tomatoes, hiding in the mass of tomato plants. alongside those bundles of red love...garden broccoli, walla walla onions, snap peas, spicy arugula and fun purple beans. also some coriander from cilantro that went to seed. oh, summer! don't leave yet!


sneak peak! butterflies and anvils featured artist, lesley kerr. check out lesley's beautiful work and inspiring projects. summer issue out next week!

and once again, thanks for all your support!


some days work feels like work, right? but other days, work is just pure fun and oh so satisfying.

monday started out picking backyard cherries with two of my favorite boys in the world (one man, one dog). then my job was to drive through the beautiful flathead valley, photographing for the next issue of butterflies and anvils. stopping at roadside stands along the big, blue flathead lake to eat and shoot big, luscious flathead cherries. after photographing many cherry orchards and quaint towns along the lake, i headed back to missoula to see my students and give one of my favorite lectures about the business side of art. a wonderful day and i am thankful for what i do.


the way we work...another post to the B&H blog B&H Insights. This one about the way we photograph, the way we like to work, and breaking out of our familiar ways. Thanks B&H

For more articles like this one...check out my photographic journal. Next issue out mid-August. Will have a sneak peak here soon!


daily haiku:

impossible love.
if i could lie down knowing.
dreams would stay with me.


oh, summer! a great fourth of july weekend. mojitos, marathon card games, people i love and homemade desserts...


daily haiku:

each morning whispers,
what's to come? closing my eyes,
to feel the sun's warmth. 


daily haiku:

between you and me.
beautiful enemy, hear.
the voice in my head.


daily haiku:

believe. this moment.
the clouds and stars quietly,
whispering. believe.


daily haiku:

drive away. again.
he hated saying goodbye.
fly away. again. 


My first post to the B&H Insights blog... an article from an issue of butterflies and anvils, about the artistic process - why we make, how we keep going and finding inspiration. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks B&H!


may. elsewhere.


may in montana.


daily haiku:

he looked at me straight.
the memory of his smile.
gentle eyes. know me.


spring and girls in contemplation. quiet and beautiful.

check out the New Yorker article and Mikiko Hara's photographs and the ability for a photograph to reach beyond the surface.


happy spring! butterflies and anvils spring issue is here!

The spring issue of my journal butterflies and anvils is available for preview and purchase today! Hope you enjoy this one. I was greatly inspired by my featured artist Tom Condon and all the contributing photographers and writers featured in this issue. Enjoy!


memories from richmond. oh, richmond! such good energy for me. just returned from spending a few days photographing my friend and former studiomate, tom for the upcoming spring issue of butterflies and anvils. thank you tom for your lovely home, studio and company! here's some images from sweet richmond and some sneakpeaks of tom's studio. good also to see old friends from ada gallery. (tom's work is hanging there currently)

                           view from tom's studio window.
                          tom hanging art in ada gallery.
  tom's studio. an old shipping warehouse. richmond is full of these cool finds.

tom's quaint backyard porch in richmond.

talking with you.
about the state of the world.
and where we fit in.
crunching leaves...

moving through. simply.

airplane graveyard.
you stand among the ruins.
delicate and hopeful and young. busted up fuselage. your dress so fitted and pressed.
motionless. burned out wings.
not knowing if the remains are yours.
injured girl.
rusting yellow metal in heaps. lush green grass grows around you. as the bright country sun lights up your hair.
sun flare obscures your face and shoulder.
but you remain.
a giant among the battered pieces.
of this airplane graveyard.
and your world.

once we were best friends. without even knowing.
it's your turn to turn off the light.

once we were alike. without even knowing.
watching thunderstorms on the patio.

once we were confidantes. without even knowing.
we didn’t know what secrets were.

once we were happy. without even knowing.
that goodness meant we were together.

. you whispered. i heard it. i am sure.

grow. i whispered back. on the breeze that blew between us.

grow. i feel it. but i sit here in defiance.

grow. you know it. and you thrust out your shoots, without intention.

grow. i want it. but i am swimming in the thickest sea.

grow. you must. so you reach through the power lines for your sky.

grow. i can. but these tendrils hold me to this merciless earth.

grow. you will. and i’ll look for shelter below you.

grow. i will. but first let me rest my body against you.

grow. you have. and i cannot imagine this world without you.

grow. i am trying. but i cannot keep up with you.

grow. you show me. let me learn from your strength.

grow. i whispered. did i hear it? i am sure.